Here's a few local ranges. Mostly Portland OR area but a few in Boise, ID as well since I do spend some time there during the summer.

Portand Ranges

Broken Arrow Archery (Milwaukie)

This is my usual haunt. you can usually find me therewednesday & Sunday 10am when they open. If you want to come and shoot.

This is a great place to find me. If you go in, Tell them Ely sent you and they'll be sure to take good care of you.


Chinook Landing

This is a great outdoor range for outdoor shooting and longer ranges up to 60 yds. East side in troutdale.

Get the annual pass. You'll save a ton with it!


Archery World

If you want an indoor range and are on the east side. This one is agreat place to get out of the rain. It's only about 5 minutes from chinook landing.


Washington Park


On the West side? Then you’ll want to check this one out for your outdoor shooting.


Archer’s Afield


Great range on the West side. Plenty of room and they hold many tournaments and such.


Sylvan Archers(Sherwood)

Only issue I have with this place is it’s so dang far from me!!!!

I LOVE the range there. If you live on the East side of Portland then you should get a membership here. Range goes to 99 yds plus they have both 3D and walking target courses to really get your game on.

Boise Ranges

Fort Boise Archery Range (Boise, ID)

Located downtown, this range is really great. Big targets, goes to 60 yds and it’s kept well to make it easy to find arrows if you miss. This is what an outdoor range should be like.

One warning… don’t shoot wood arrows at the bails. They are really hard and will likely shatter your arrows.

Aluminum or carbon are fine but wood won’t hold up.

When I’m in town you’ll see me there most mornings as sunrise.


Dead On Archery (Meridian & Garden City, ID)

2 great indoor ranges. Garden City & Meridian. When I’m in town I’m there at least once.

Northwest Gear & Such

Wild Rose Archery (Portland, OR)

My friend, mentor and arrow maker! Joe Flanagan. He makes great custom arrows, and has more knowledge in his head than more archers I know. Interested in SCA, he’s one to talk to about it!


Seven Meadows Archery (Tacoma, WA)

Home of the Toth bows. These horsebows are awesome. Imported directly from Hungary, these bows are SO MUCH FUN to shoot. My Mongolian is my goto bow to just blow off steam and not show off. (12 arrows in about 45 seconds).

Check them out. They are the real deal and these bows are a work of art.


Raptor Archery

(Hood River, OR)

Ted’s place is like a museum of archery. Custom bows, arrows and more. Awesome place to check out but it can be dangerous if you’ve got a credit card.