About Us

Hey there!

I'm Ely and I'm an archer. This site is dedicated to sharing my experiences and knowledge of traditional archery. (AKA No Wheels).

Recurve, longbow, horsebow or selfbow, I'm constantly learning to become better at my art.

From my first lesson, I knew i loved the bow. It's elegant and takes focus & Mindfulness.

IN about 1 year's time, I went from my first lesson to owning a recurve, a Longbow & a Mongolian Horsebow. I entered my first longbow completition

and came in 1st place in my region (5 Northwest States).

With my love of archery and sharing my knowledge with so many new archers i meet, I decided to get certified as an instructor as well. My goal is to help bring back a strong community of

traditional archers and spread the knowledge to as many minds as i can.