Cool Events Coming up that i recommend

Annual Nottingham Tournament

July 18-19,2016

Nottingham Tournament

Sherwood OR Versus Nottingham ENgland for a DOuble American 900 Tournament

Canterbury Renaissance Festival

July 23-24 & 30-31, 2016

Canterbury Renaissance Festival

Great event to get your medieval on ! I'll be there on the 2nd week and so will seven meadows if you want to look at some amazing horsebows

Archery Academy

August 12-13,2016

Archery academy (SCA EVent)

If you're into the traditional, this event is a great place to take classes on traditional archery. Several of my friends will be there.

Washington Renaissance Festival

August 6-7, 13-14,20-21, 2016

Washington Renaissance Faire

The Biggest ren fest in the northwest. I'll be there on 13th having an awesome time!