That Seems Like Fun!

“Hmmm... archery looks like a great form of meditation.”

Hey there!

I’m Ely and I’m an archer. This site is dedicated to sharing my experiences and knowledge of traditional archery. (AKA No Wheels).

Recurve, longbow, horsebow or selfbow, I’m constantly learning to become better at my art.

From my first lesson, I knew I loved the bow. It’s elegant and takes focus & mindfulness.

In about 1 year’s time, I went from my first lesson to owning a recurve, a longbow & a Mongolian Horsebow.

I entered my first longbow competition and came in 1st place in my region (5 Northwest States).

With my love of archery and sharing my knowledge with so many new archers I meet, I decided to get certified as an instructor as well. My goal is to help bring back a strong community of traditional archers and spread the knowledge to as many minds as I can.

The Art Of Archery

Archery is one of those great activities that has more than one purpose.

Archery can be for hunting.
Archery can be for sport.
Archery can be for exercise.
Archery can be for art.
Archery can be for meditation and relaxation. (My personal reason)
Or... Archery can be just for fun with family & friends.

It doesn’t matter what the reason is, it can be a lifelong journey.

“A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim.” - Thomas Fuller

All Gold!

Lessons, Demos & More

I Love Teaching This stuff!

Just getting started with your first traditional bow and want to really know what you're doing?

I do a limited number of one on one and small group classes ages 15 and up.

Classes and lessons are at local ranges in the Portland area.

Other Resources

Places, things, gear & more that I recommend...

Local Resources

Local shops, ranges, and such that I recommend

Photo Gallery

Pics and stuff from my adventures and practice


Events around that I support and/or attend


What's up with me and my own journey. (AKA Blog)

Archer's Checklist (Coming Soon)

Equipment, gear and other stuff you should have handy

Cool Gear

More stuff to add to your shopping list that I totally recommend!

Recommended Reading

Here's just a few of the books that I recommend to every archer. It's a great place to start...

Become The Arrow
The master himself, Byron Ferguson. I've learned a ton from him with this book (and the video version). Want to step up your shots, this book will help!

Zen In The Art Of Archery
Looking for more on the "Art" of archery? This book will give you a great understanding. I've read it at least 5 times.

Shooting The Stickbow
This book is a staple for any stickbow shooter. It covers both traditional and olympic bows.

Beginner's Guide To Traditional Archery
Great overview of getting your equipment set up and tuned right.

Theory And Practice Of Archery
This is a classic. If you want to know the history of archery this book from the 1800s will teach you a lot!

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